This New Album From The Infamous Stringdusters is Really Damn Good

the-infamous-stringdusters-laws-of-gravity So this new Infamous Stringdusters album, it’s really good. Really damn good. Hot damn, the band has really stepped up their game with this one.

I’m not really one for a TON of contemporary Bluegrass, but the Infamous Stringdusters are able to make the craft seem genuine, not being afraid to creatively expand but also stay true to the roots of the genre. In other words, they’re doing what most country musicians don’t do. 

So anyway, what’s so great about this album? Damn it, everything. The instrumentation is crisp and energetic, the production allows the band to really hone in on the moods of some of these songs, and dear Lord, the songwriting. What I love about Bluegrass is that, like country music, it’s known for telling stories, but sometimes with Bluegrass the stories get a little more imaginative or paint a broader picture in your mind. That’s the genius of this album, most of these tracks are like pure poetry like “Maxwell”, “1901: A Canyon Odyssey”, “This Ol’ Building”, and especially “Black Elk”, dear God what a song we have in that one… Wooh.

Is it quite perfect? No, it drags on a little too much overall, and some tracks like “A Hard Life Makes A Good Song” don’t feel incredibly needed here, but overall, this is some kickass work from a kickass band. Buy it. Here, I’ll even give you the link –

It’s right here

I’m thinking an A- for this album. 8/10 I guess for those of you who like numbers. This will definitely stay with me until the end of the year. I guar-an-damn-tee it.


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