Angaleena Presley Can Just Take My Money Now

unnamed-1-17Holy good news, Batman! Now, I’ll admit there’s a certain part of me that gets all giddy when I hear of country music artists collaborating with other artists. But this new Angaleena Presley album? This will be good. I mean, I was a fan of her debut album in 2014, American Middle Class, but this album? This is looking to go to another level.

I mean for God’s sake, Miranda Lambert, Ashley Monroe, Guy Clark, Yelawolf, Chris and Morgane Stapleton, Wanda Jackson… these just a few of the names who contributed to this record. Of course, that’s not to diminish the fact that we get Angaleena Presley herself is giving us another album! Aside from that she had a hand in writing every single song here, including a few solo writes. That’s impressive for any artist in this day and age. At either rate, this is certainly one of my most anticipated projects for 2017, so let’s hope it lives up to its high expectations. 

Wrangled is set to be released on April 21st and will be produced by Oran Thorton. 

Per Music Row Magazine (and Angaleena herself) – “Wrangled is an explicitly forthright journey through my experience in the business of country music. I tried to tackle uncomfortable realities like the discrimination against female artists at the height of bro-country, the high school mentality of Music Row and the pain that’s just beneath the surface of the road to stardom,” says Presley. “Covered in elbow grease and sacrifice, I set out to shed the skin of my ‘dream’ Nashville by painting a musical picture of loss, surrender, resurrection, redemption, and connection with real people who make and support honest music”

Wrangled tracklisting:

  1. Dreams Don’t Come True (Angaleena Presley, Miranda Lambert, Ashley Monroe)
  2. High School (Angaleena Presley, Ivy Walker, Sophie Walker)
  3. Only Blood (w/ Morgane Stapleton) (Angaleena Presley, Chris Stapleton)
  4. Country (w/ Yelawolf) (Angaleena Presley, Michael Wayne Atha)
  5. Wrangled (Angaleena Presley)
  6. Bless My Heart (Angaleena Presley)
  7. Outlaw (Angaleena Presley)
  8. Mama, I Tried (Angaleena Presley, Oran Thorton)
  9. Cheer Up Little Darling (Angaleena Presley, Guy Clark)
  10. Groundswell (Angaleena Presley, Ian Fitchuk)
  11. Good Girl Down (Angaleena Presley, Wanda Jackson, Vanessa Olavarez)
  12. Motel Bible (Angaleena Presley, Oran Thorton, Trevor Thorton)

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