An Open Letter To Dustin Lynch

40a1622c-a5f4-435c-8341-677f5fa5122c_15411_customHey Dustin, it’s me, your friend Ian. How are you man? I only ask since you haven’t exactly been yourself over the past couple years. Then again, maybe you have, but still, I can’t help but feel I’m not listening to the same Dustin Lynch from 2012 that impressed me with his debut single.

Seriously though dude, “Cowboys and Angels” was a great song man. I mean yeah, I’m a sucker for that type of traditional sound, but still, it was well-written, and you had (well, have) the voice to really pull it off. Your debut album was pretty solid for the most part as well, minus that atrocious single “She Cranks My Tractor”. Seriously man, what the hell was that?

Then again, that was probably the first sign of it all. You really disappointed me with “Where It’s At (Yep Yep)” back in 2014. I mean, it was pop, it was bro-country, it just didn’t seem to be you Dustin. Then you followed it up with an album that almost completely chased the bro-country trend to the end minus “She Wants A Cowboy”, “Your Daddy’s Boots”, and “American Prayer”, songs that reminded me of the country artist I had hoped you turned out to be. Instead you chose “Hell Of A Night” and “Mind Reader”. Not bad songs necessarily, just disappointments.

Of course, for the most part bro-country is dead now, and for the most part, most “country” artists have moved on to incorporating drum machines, R&B beats, fake percussion, and whatever else they can fit into their songs that strip away the identity of country music. And you, being the trend-chaser you are have done that so far with the first two singles from your upcoming third album, “Seein’ Red” and “Small Town Boy”.

It’s not even that your songs are just bad, it’s that most of the time they have no meaning behind them. What the hell does seeing red mean anyway? And why would you name an album, “where it’s at”? What’s the significance behind it? How does being a small town boy have anything to do with why this girl falls for you in the song of the same name? Are you hard working? You wearing Wranglers? Seriously, what? And “She Cranks My Tractor”? Well alright, that one makes sense, but it’s creepy as all hell.

I mean, your motto is “stay country” and yet you’ve done everything else but that since “Cowboys & Angels”. I get it, you want to be a star Dustin, you want to make a name for yourself. Hell, you want to be remembered. You’ve got the success, I won’t deny that. I’m not asking you to quit what you’re doing, hell I get that the pay is probably really good. But still, do you really think most people are going to really remember the majority of your singles down the road? Are you truly happy with what you’re doing? I’m not asking as a hater, I’m asking as a concerned music fan. I’m also not asking whether you’re happy with the money. Hell, we know the answer to that one. I’m asking if the songs you’re recording now are the songs you had hoped to sing when you got to Nashville. I’m guessing you had a hunger, a drive and a dream to be someone, Dustin. To be fair, you are someone. You’re that guy needed to fill time at country radio. However, I want to know if you’re happy with the songs you’re singing Dustin. If you are, fine, my mistake. Keep on keepin’ on. If not, then what the hell are you doing?

That’s all.


Your friend, Ian.


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