“Watered Down” Is Trace Adkin’s Best Single (And Song) In A Long Time

500x500Not since 2008’s “You’re Gonna Miss This” have I heard a Trace Adkins single with this much soul, and “meat” to it. Sure, he’s had some album cuts since then that have proven why he’s underrated in the genre, but when looking purely at singles, the songs that make the charts, Trace hasn’t exactly been hitting home runs for the past couple years.

But if “Watered Down” proves anything, it proves that, when coupled with the right song, Trace absolutely nails it out of the park. Few will or can deny his power as a vocalist, both in terms of sheer power as well as emotive power. He’s always been better at pulling off these type of reflective tracks rather than stuff such as that Badonkadonk song or that one about the brown chicken and the brown cow….ew….

Anyway, back to this song. It’s warm and comforting, and yes, I understand that those aren’t “proper” musical terms, but it’s the best way I can describe this song. The mandolin (much like it did on “You’re Gonna Miss This”) bolsters that intimate tone, paving way for a song that explores the concept of growing up and maturing, realizing that you aren’t the young ‘un you once were. At this point in Trace’s life I’m sure it’s fitting.

If I were to nitpick, I would say that the song does suffer from being a tad underwritten, but then again, that’s just a criticism I could see some of YOU pointing out. For me, I think the vocal delivery and instrumentation do more than enough to make this a powerful track, and one that shows Trace Adkins can truly compete with the best of them when he chooses to.

Written by: Matt Jenkins, Trevor Rosen, Shane McAnally


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