Song Review – Brett Eldredge’s “Somethin’ I’m Good At”


bretty-eldridge-somethingWell, it’s more interesting than his last couple of singles, I’ll give Brett Eldredge that. Still, I keep hoping for something more from the artist who brought us “Raymond”, easily still the best song in Brett’s discography thus far.

Talking about a song like “Somethin’ I’m Good At” is hard. Does it match Brett’s outgoing, crazy personality? Yeah, sort of. However, is it really something I care to hear over and over again? No.

I do like the energy though, after all, Brett’s got the charisma to make something like this work. But that’s the thing, this song anchors itself on showmanship, in essence not letting Brett show off his vocal ability in the process. In fact, he doesn’t actually sound all that good here in terms of the vocals.

The production is a little over the place. The song mainly anchors itself on some well mixed drums, banjo, and acoustic guitar. I even heard accordion at one point. When it comes to the instrumentation, I’m honestly on board with this.

However, for as fun as this song is trying to be, I’d still argue it’s not carry as much of an impact as many have been saying it is. I don’t know if it’s the melody, the vocals, or the lyrics, but this isn’t quite the “fun” smash I expected from Eldredge.

Perhaps it is the lyrics though. After all, for a song that’s going for something quirky and energetic such as this, you’d think the lyrical content would also try to go for something more zanier than simply being about a love story between a guy and a girl. Granted, you can’t be THAT zany for radio, but still, it’s not carrying the same impact for me I had hoped it would.

But I’ll also acknowledge that a lot of the problems I have with this song are my problems. I’m not exactly sure how the reception will be for this, but it’s at least nice to see Eldredge step into a territory that better suits him, even if that step isn’t quite resonating with me like I want it to.


Written by Brett Eldredge and Tom Douglas


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