Song Review – Jason Eady’s “Barabbas”

jason-eady-self-titledI remember when Larry Hooper recorded this track last year for his album, No Turning Back. It was definitely the highlight of the album, and I’m glad to see the song revived again for Jason Eady’s upcoming self-titled release.

Jason’s version is different from that version, and while I won’t compare the two, I will say that both are worth your time.

Anyway, on to Jason’s version. Jason Eady has stated that he wanted his upcoming self-titled album to be more subdued than Daylight and Dark, and that’s what we’ve gotten so far with tracks such as this and “Why I Left Atlanta”.

You see, while it is bolstered by little more than acoustic guitar and some gorgeous pedal steel, the gravity with which the message is delivered has only been enhanced by the “less is more” approach. Part of that has to do with Eady’s power as a vocalist, really being able to sell the newfound wisdom that this ex-convict gains after realizing he has a chance to start again and (somewhat) let go of the past. It’s a lot to take in for anyone, and the chance to really be able to hear the message with the very crisp instrumentation is a highlight.

I should also mention that it’s excellently written in terms of the concept and lyrical framing, of course, when you take a look at the songwriters who contributed to this (along with Eady himself), it’s no surprise. Speaking of people who contributed to this, while I haven’t been able to confirm it, I’m fairly confident Eady’s wife, fellow singer/songwriter Courtney Patton is joining him here on backup vocals.

As I sit here on typing this review on this fairly gray Friday afternoon, I’m put at ease by the warmness of this track, and considering I already loved the song before, I just found a reason to fall in love again.


Written by Adam Hood, Jason Eady, Josh Grider, and Larry Hooper


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