Country Music Blogger Confused As To Why He Isn’t Part of the “Scene”

567322Dungeonmaster84 of the brand new country music blog, “Rescuing Country Music” is tired of being ignored by other country music bloggers.

“I don’t get it, I’ve commented on all of their blogs telling them how great they are and how much I agree with everything they say, and still, nothing! I’ve done everything I think I needed to. I mean, I’ve written countless posts about how amaze-balls Sturgill Simpson and Jason Isbell are, and more often than not I’m calling mainstream country artists butt -heads. Seriously, WHAT GIVES?!? I know, it was probably that one time I went against the grain and gave my actual, honest opinion on something. Damn it, that was it wasn’t it?”

Although Mr. Dungeonmaster84’s blog is only shy of a month old, he still feels that he’s entitled to something from other country music bloggers. “I replied to this one blogger’s tweet on Twitter telling him that I love his work, and all he did was “like” the damn thing. HOW ABOUT A FOLLOW BACK ASSHOLE?”

When asked why Mr. Dungeonmaster couldn’t just run his blog out of passion and try to be unique with his craft he replied, “Well, passion is nice and all, but I really just want people to read my shit and comment about how right I am”.

As for what Mr. Dungeonmaster’s next move is?

“I think I’ll try something different on the blog. Before, all I did was things like “The Current Heartbeat of Mainstream Country Music” and reviews and stuff, but maybe I’ll try something like “5 hottest Luke Bryan butt shots”. That’ll get me views. I can also try to sell bootleg Whiskey Riff merchandise….yeah, I can already tell the money’s going to be pouring in…”

It has been confirmed that yes, Dungeonmaster is in fact, still living in Mom’s basement.


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